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Iron Fence Through Tree
Iron Fence Through Tree
Hardwick Lot -  Thomasville, GA
Hardwick Lot - Thomasville, GA
Davies Lot -  After and Before
Davies Lot - After and Before

About Us

The Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association is a professional network composed of employees or officials of municipal, county or other government agencies within the state of Georgia. Large, medium and small municipalities, as well as urban, suburban and rural communities across the state, from the Piedmont to the Plains to the Coastal Empire are involved with this Association.  Those involved in nonprofit cemetery organizations are also invited to join.
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Recent Question Received on our Website:  

QUESTION:   A 170 year old cemetery is located on property purchased by a Georgia state park. Two groups have joined forces to restore and protect the cemetery. Almost every time it rains, trees fall and damage tombstones. We volunteers work 2 weekends to clear one tree only to see another tree fall a month later. The state park does nothing to remove trees inside the cemetery before they fall. What can be done to get the trees removed before every tombstone in this historic cemetery is destroyed?

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Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association
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